Our network and communications services extend from on-premise network design and optimization through to the global delivery of fully hosted, cloud-enabled collaboration suites.

For inter-site communications, we deliver a carrier-class network infrastructure combining cost competitiveness and security with high performance.

An innovative alternative to traditional networks, our cloud connectivity services are based on an aggregate bandwidth pricing model. And our cloud communication services offer consumption-based voice and unified communication applications hosted in the cloud, including Hosted Voice over IP, Collaboration, Contact Centre and Mobile Device Management.

Our unified Communication solutions combine services such as telepresence, instant messaging and video conferencing with collaboration solutions like social networks, virtual work-spaces and skills finders.

Our solutions cover a host of different business needs across all of our country’s major industries, each with the power to reduce costs, increase profits and improve the productivity of your entire company.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Converged Connectivity
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data Analytics

Specialist Product: Internet of Things Products

  • Mining Solutions
  • Retail Solutions
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Facilities Management Solutions
  • Industrial IoT Solutions
  • Smart City Solutions