Electrical Engineering

Our electrical specialists work seamlessly with mechanical and public health engineers to create complete building services solutions.

Beyond standard areas of overlap, we expect our electrical engineers to become creative partners in the design process. Our collaborative approach is supported by advanced 3D modelling methods, known as building information modelling (BIM), that allow design teams to share an intelligent virtual project prototype.

At Egoli, we are leaders rather than followers in technical advances and sustainability. Through in-house research and development, we ensure that clients get the benefit, rather than the risk, of innovation. As new energy ideas such as smart grids emerge, we helps clients understand where they are appropriate and viable in their businesses.

We combined commercial and creative thinking to help many businesses change the way they builds and operates their various retail stores. Our case-by-case interventions included smart lighting controls, district heating and renewable sources to help clients cut resource use in financially sustainable ways.

Our Core Competence area

Around the globe, Egoli’s electrical engineers bring specialist expertise to solutions for buildings, transport  infrastructure  and energy, water and  waste utilities.

Our comprehensive services include energy audits, demand assessment,  supply and system resilience, utilities consultancy and sustainable electrical engineering design.

Whether in commercial property, retail, sport, mission-critical facilities, or any market, we meet the creative and commercial demands of designers and developers.

We are trusted to bring inventive solutions to complex technical challenges:


  • Electrical Eng Consulting

    • Power System Coordination Studies
    • Short Circuit Analysis
    • Arc Flash Studies
    • Power System Harmonic Analysis
    • Power System Design/Development
    • Area Classification Determination
    • Fugitive Emission Studies
    • Our Engineers are registered and certified for practice in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia
    • We offer client Electrical/Instrumentation/Automation discipline representation

    • Self-regulating EHT Design
    • MI Cable EHT Design
    • EHT Control design and specification
    • EHT Power and Control Cabling
    • EHT Supervisor Systems Plant commissioning
    • EHT Auditing and troubleshooting
    • EHT Controller programming and start-up assistance

    • Control and Communication System Architectural Design
    • PLC System specification and Programming
    • HMI System specification, Layout, Programming
    • SCADA System specification, Layout, Programming
    • Control Philosophy Development
    • Shutdown Logic Key Development
    • Control Systems Interface and Compatibility Studies
    • Communication and Client Data Interface Studies

    • Vendor Document review
    • P&ID Electrical Discipline Development and Review
    • 480V/600V MCC design/specification/purchase
    • 5kV MCC design/specification/purchase
    • Power Generation and Control
    • Power/Electrical Distribution
    • Low and Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives
    • Cable Tray Loading and Routing
    • Power System, Instrument and Safety Grounding and Bonding
    • Building and Area Lighting Calculation and Design
    • Contactor Panel Layout and Design
    • Cable Sizing and Routing
    • Distribution Panelboard Sizing, Specification and Layout

    • PLC/DCS/SCADA Pre-Commissioning Checks and On-Site Field Programming
    • MCC Commissioning
    • Instrumentation, Electrical and Control System Troubleshooting
    • VFD/Soft Starter Programming and Start Up
    • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
    • Remote On-line Assistance

    • Well Monitoring SCADA
    • Custody Transfer Metering
    • Licenced and Spread Spectrum Radio Networks
    • SCADA using Satellite and Cellular Communications
    • Design of communication network such as Ethernet: CAT 5 and fibre optic, ControlNet: coax, Serial Communications, RS485, RS232
    • Custom Application Development, C++, JAVA, Visual Basic
    • Universal interface for multiple vendor systems integration using Modbus, OPC, protocol converters, etc.
    • Customized SQL database development and implementation