Egoli provides trusted security and resilience advice to private and public sector clients worldwide. We help organisations understand their exposure to threats, and make better informed responses.

Our services include strategic risk management, technical risk assessment, operational planning, security engineering and counter-terrorism measures. We have a long history in the protective design of buildings and infrastructure. By merging that expertise with real-world operations planning experience, we develop strategies that manage risk throughout the life of a project, programme or organisation.

Whether considering risks that originate from natural hazards like earthquakes or human-driven threats such as political instability, we draw on unusually wide expertise to help clients with all that they need.

By understanding the full scope of a situation, we give clients deeper insight.

So while we help clients with legal and regulatory compliance, we also produce protective intelligence that gives an accurate picture of their exposure to risk, aiding sensible spending on mitigation measures. Our intelligence helps organisations decide which risks to protect against, which to mitigate and which to accept.

We take that intelligence further again with business continuity planning, enterprise risk management and operational planning services that help businesses avoid crises and become more resilient.

Rather than developing add-on security measures for the built environment,  We draw on our design understanding, rigorous quantitative analysis and research to shape inherently secure solutions, which enhance rather than detract from an architectural concept.

This incisive approach characterises our work in technical risk assessments and security engineering, as well as geomatic mapping and modelling services for high-risk sites. Arup provides advice, analysis and the design of protective measures, both physical and electronic, in all industry sectors.

Our counter-terrorism team includes pre-eminent specialists in areas from blast analysis and engineering to experts in mitigation against attack by hostile vehicles and chemical and biological weapons, building and façade resilience, weapon delivery mechanisms, shelter protection, and evacuation and invacuation strategies.

Each contract or project we take on has an on-site manager, supported by a dedicated Quantity Surveyor and engineer to ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget. We manage a workforce with unrivalled mix of experience, professionals and the brightest graduates.