Waste Management

Across the world, population growth, expanding cities and changing lifestyles are increasing demand on scarce resources. Egoli helps clients address the pressures of how to reuse, recycle or recover resources from waste, creating commercial opportunities that promote healthier communities and environments.

We combine our global experience with knowledge of local markets, across waste, water and energy. From our worldwide network of experts, we create integrated teams that can carry out plans from concept to operation, bringing interconnected insight into rapidly changing technology, markets, planning standards and legislation. We help clients understand and minimise the risk associated with their waste strategies and programmes.

Egoli’s technical and commercial skill helps clients understand how new and developing ideas can proof their waste strategies against future change.

Our waste management strategy included smart collection and underground treatment facilities, for efficient waste management with a minimal impact on residents and the environment.

For the Rubbish In – Resources Out systems, Egoli researched and compiled data on global waste treatment providers across anaerobic digestion, conventional and advanced thermal treatment and other technologies. We explore design ideas for blending treatment facilities into urban surroundings and highlights opportunities to treat waste close to source within densely populated cities.

We don’t just look to the future; we provide practical advice, helping clients improve their waste management programmes today.