We are extremely proud of the pioneering company we have created. Egoli prospect is a turn-key solutions company offering B2B consulting and support. As well as a top-tier consulting to public corporations in Africa.

Egoli prospects is a key supplier of business systems and outsourced solutions to government contractors, public agents, and private clients which includes over 48 specialists across 8 industries.

We are located in Pretoria, South Africa and partners with professional and skilled artisans of over 40 people that are dedicated to servicing the local and international market. Our commitment to develop quality solutions and to provide the best possible service and support to our clients is second to none!



South Africa

39281 West Ave, Die Hoewes,Centurion 0163. South Africa.

Phone: (27)12.752.9423
Email: hello@egoliprospects.co.za


Level 2B Insurance Building, Olopomewa B/stop. Dugbe. Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria.

Phone: (234)803.384.7054
Email: hello@egoliprospects.co.za


4F Rexa Building. Ghana, Tema, community 8, Z12.



Fluet Complex Office, Gabrone. Botswana



13 United Nations Road 1st Floor United Nations House Maseru, Lesotho.

Phone: (266)92.020.292
Email: hello@egoliprospects.co.za

Trade Name: Egoli Prospects
Founded: February 18, 2015
Registration: 2017/36337/07
Representative: Ntuane Masego, Operations
Head Office: Business 11-1, 281 West Ave, Die Hoewes, Centurion, Pretoria. 0163. Gauteng, South Africa.

Business Functions

  • Business Automation
  • Communications service
  • Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Security
  • International-Concierge service
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Communications
  • Asset leasing and rental
  • Logistics & Supply chain Management
  • Facilities Management

Corporate Mandate

Our mandate is to be a one-stop solutions company, Investing our skills and resources in the progress and development of businesses.

Corporate Standard

Our client’s progress is our progress and in order to ensure the progression of these clients, our dedication is to serve.

Corporate Values

Our business foundational values:  Leadership | Competency | Relationship | Consistency