Information Technology

We are a technologically driven business unit committed to the purpose of creating and providing integrated digital technology solutions that enable businesses.

Our unique workforce delivers innovation with fresh ideas and a broad cultural mix. We create, digitise, connect and secure technology solutions for a digital world, that is constantly evolving.

We are perfectly positioned to help you take your business successfully into this new world. We leverage on our own in house skills, and partner to develop, produce, distribute and integrate bespoke technology products and solutions aimed at improving connectivity, safety and productivity.

We  provide the following value added services :

  • Project/Program Management
  • Communications Infrastructure Design
  • Communications Security Accounting
  • Web & database support
  • Application Development & Testing
  • Telecommunications Center Operations
  • Records Management
  • Hardware/software integration, test, & evaluation
  • Automated Information Systems (AIS) Support
  • Network installation & Management
  • Network Systems Administration
  • Configuration Management