Exclusive concierge & Lifestyle Management

Our Internationale concierge specialists and luxury lifestyle managers have a mandate of enhancing the day-to-day lives and fulfilling the biggest dreams of our clients.

Through bespoke experiences and lifestyle services, our team takes care of every aspect of our clients’ lives to give them back the luxury of time. Our clients range from busy executives to new parents; seniors to celebrities; busy moms to small business owners – anyone wanting to regain control of their time and focus on and enjoy the more important things in life.

Lifestyle Concierge Services caters to clients with active personal, professional or social lifestyles. With just one click, call, text or email, your tasks can be done, your arrangements made, your planning completed leaving you with more time for the things you really want to do.

LifeStyle Concierge Services will enhance your lifestyle and save you time by performing, advising on and arranging a multitude of lifestyle needs.

Our dedicated team of luxury lifestyle specialists from 32 countries are on hand 24/7/365 to enhance and manage every aspect of planning your dream holiday, event, to creating a bespoke wine cellar plan.

Sourcing a rare piece or art, finding their forever home and ensuring our member’s children secure a top place at the world’s most prestigious schools and universities, we make dreams come true.

Our Core Competence Areas

  • Travel
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Shopping
  • Art
  • Private Parties & Celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Wine