Facilities Management

A building that functions efficiently and effectively is a positive environment for occupants and a hard-working asset for owners.

At Egoli, facilities management covers all aspects of a building or facility’s operation and maintenance throughout its lifecycle. Our advice, technical and management support to building owners and operators is flexible and moulded to their evolving needs.

Our facilities management specialists work in partnership with clients, giving independent, expert advice in response to their challenges and goals. We tailor our services for a wide range of clients, involving extensive facilities management consulting, including contract monitoring to manage electrical and mechanical maintenance.

We understand how buildings are designed, and the technical and management systems they need to work well. That knowledge helps us broker better understanding between building owners, occupiers, designers and contractors, for facilities management solutions that better fulfill a building’s intended use.

We continue to provide support throughout the life of a building with technical diagnostics and problem solving, financial advice, maintenance monitoring, energy audits, refurbishment and minor project works.

Finally, as a building ages, we offer surveys for dilapidation, pre-purchase, condition and estate liability.

  • Our Core Competence area

    We have the experience and know-how to manage an entire project, from clearance and finished work. This means our customers enjoy continuity of service with assured quality – saving time, money and effort.

    • Maintenance planning and services
    • Mechanical services
    • Grounds and gardens management
    • Waste management
    • Security service
    • Energy and environmental management
    • Asset life cycle analysis and budgeting
    • Management of buildings and services
    • Workspace design and implementation
    • Property Management and Facilities Planning
    • Computerized Facilities Management Systems
    • Call Centre set up & management
    • Supply Chain Management and Strategy
    • Audit and Asset Management
    • Measurement of Key Performance Indicators
    • Technical and Functional Deliverables
    • Empowerment and Socio-Economic Objectives
    • Immovable Asset Management
    • Forensic Auditing
    • Due Diligence Reports
    • Insurance Valuation Assessment
    • Building Condition Assessment
    • Property Services
    • Lease & Portfolio Management
    • Property Management and Facilities Planning
    • Property Development
    • Property Valuations
    • Legal and Financial Framework Structuring